Other Types of Astrological Work

OTHER TYPES OF READINGS:  available in English or French, and recorded either in person, via telephone or Skype.

A. All credit cards: Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx, etc.
B. I also take Ven*Mo payable to @Jodie-Tighe

* Thematic work:  $120.00 an hour, with a half-hour minimum. Usually done after a birth chart analysis. What does your chart indicate you need in relationships? What sorts of work would suit you, or should you avoid? How would this individual fit into your business? What other areas of your life would you like to examine from an astrological perspective?

*Astrocartography/local space/relocation:   Want to see how a move to another part of the country (astrocartography and local space) or  to a specific city (astrocartography and relocation) might affect your expression of your chart? How about picking a spot to go on vacation, or a new office location, or even some "astrological feng shui" about its decor (local space)? These powerful astro-mapping techniques can provide a lot of insight. $120.00 an hour, with a half hour minimum.