Horary Astrology: Working with Questions


Electionals choose when to do something, while horaries address the question of whether you should do it.

Once I'm sure I understand the exact nature of your question, most yes/no, either/or, and either/or/or questions can be approached by the ancient techniques of horary astrology.

A. All credit cards: Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx, etc.
B. I also take Ven*Mo payable to @Jodie-Tighe

Fee: $95.00 per horary if paid by check sent to me at PO Box 1311, Ramona, CA 92065, or $100.00 if paid by paypal to jodie @ thestarryroad.com.

Horary techniques are complex, but if you like, I'll include an explanation of my findings by either email, phone or Skype. If you have some basic astrological knowledge (signs and their rulers, planets, houses, and the five major Ptolemaic aspects) you'll have zero trouble understanding (and if not, I'll do my best to explain).

Please contact me at jodietighe@gmail.com for more information and to learn whether horary could be helpful in your case.