Full Astrology Chart Readings

* Birthchart Analysis (Full Life Reading): Where most people start either if they've never had a reading, or would like a new birth chart interpretation. Examines your chart's themes, growth potentials and possible pitfalls that are applicable throughout your life, without a specific time frame. Usually precedes a transits and progressions or "current events" reading. I'll need your birth data as accurately as possible, preferably within about ten minutes.

* Transits and Progressions (Astrological Current Events in Your Birthchart): What section of your wandering road are you traveling right now? Examines the potentials and possible stumbling blocks for approximately two years before and two years after today's date. This reading can also look at any section of time, past, present or future, on which you'd like an astrological perspective.

* Synastry: Astrological analysis of almost any relationship: spouses, lovers, parent-child, co-workers, small teams, etc. No "ratings" or predictions are given here! This reading examines where you get along well and how to maximize those happy energies, and where you don't see eye-to-eye and would do well to try to understand one another better. A synastry reading also considers a third factor: the composite chart formed by the two (or more) of you, the chart of the relationship itself. What your connection needs in order to grow is shown by the composite chart, just as what an individual needs to grow is shown by his or her birthchart. As well as their complete birth data, I'll need written permission from all parties involved in the synastry, please.

Each of the above readings can be done in English or French, is recorded as mp3 files, and lasts approximately two hours, although synastries may take longer.

A. All credit cards: Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx, etc.
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The fee, payable in advance, is $300.00 per reading if paid by check to Jodie Forrest, PO Box 1311, Ramona, CA 92065, or $300.00 if paid by Paypal to jodie@thestarryroad.com.

Readings are available either in person, or via telephone or Skype, which is a free download and has no long distance call fees. I record the reading as .mp3 files, upload them to a secure site, and send you (and only you) information about how to download them.

Questions about these or other types of readings? Please copy and paste my email address, jodietighe@gmail.com

Want a less expensive alternative? Please click on this link to astrological products: products, which include computerized reports covering birth charts, transits and progressions, and synastry (the astrology of relationships). Also available are my historical fantasy trilogy beginning with The Rhymer and the Ravens, astrology books including The Ascendant, and recordings of my astrology lectures and workshops.

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