Electional Astrology: Choose a good date for an event.

Electional Astrology: Choose a good date for an event.

Astrology can be used to help you pick a good day and time for any event. My clients have gotten electionals for, among other activities: getting married, starting a business, putting a house on the market, buying a house, taking a trip, interviewing job candidates, making an appointment or initiating a conversation that they wish to go well, starting classes, sending out job applications, advertising, having a family reunion, having a party, submitting a manuscript, having a book signing, opening an art exhibit, etc.

Remember: Electionals are for choosing WHEN to do something. Horary astrology is for deciding WHETHER to do something.)

To do an electional, I’ll need to know these parameters:
1. A range of dates within which you could do the action, for example, from March 1 to April 30 of this year or next year.
2. The days of the week on which you could do the action. For example, M-F? Saturday only? You tell me.
3. The hours of the day or night within which you could do the action; for example, between 9:00 a.m. and twelve noon. (If you can do something 24-7, which often is not the case, I can find you a better chart than if you have a limited time frame.)
4. The place—city and state or country—where the action will occur. If the action involves pressing a Submit or Send button on a computer, then I need to know where that computer and the person who will press Submit are physically.
It’s not required, but I’d like to have your birth data, too, so I can make sure that your charts work well with the electional chart.

A. All credit cards: Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx, etc.
B. I also take Ven*Mo payable to @Jodie-Tighe

Fees: Electionals are $95.00 apiece, which means one electional per set of parameters. If the parameters change, then that’s a second, subsequent electional.

Are you getting married? In the interests of saving yourself some time and money, please be as certain as you can about what all of your parameters are before you get a wedding electional done. Weddings are the events for which my clients most often end up getting more than one electional, because the parameters can change if you discover that an important guest can’t attend on the day we chose, or if the venue or the minister turn out not to be available on that day, etc.

"Life is a journey; astrology helps you read your map".

Jodie Forrest