Astrology Classes, Lectures and Tutoring

UPCOMING:The State of the Art (SOTA) astrology conference, held in Cheektowaga, NY, this November 10-14, 2016, draws a big Canadian and American crowd, and attendees from further afield, too.

It's a relaxed, friendly conference and I enjoyed my last time there very much.

This November, I'm doing a pre-conference workshop at SOTA on "Stardate, 2017," and a lecture on "Jupiter and Saturn: The Reach and the Grasp.

I've given astrology lectures, workshops and classes in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland and France, and have taught classes and tutored privately all over the world.

I work in person or online.

References from my former students, who now have their own astrology practices, are available upon request. Don't be shy, ask me!